The ultimate me time experience… Arcadya’s massage packages allow you to let your worries melt away through the skilled and therapeutic touch of our highly trained and knowledgeable staff. Book yourself a quick treatment or a full day package and give your muscles their me time.

Choose the treatment that’s right for you.

Arcadya Spa Massage – 115
You won’t forget this luxurious experience! A body exfoliation will invigorate while smoothing out the rough spots. This will be followed by a full body massage, using the warmth of paraffin on the back to fully relax you and help ease the strain of tense muscles. Lightly scented oils will enhance the indulgence of a restorative massage, as well as an aromatic scalp massage.

  • Hot Stone Massage
    60 minutes – 105
    90 minutes – 135
    This is an ancient practice that is very healing, soothing and grounding. Melt tensions and tight muscles away under the heat of warm hand-picked ocean stones, while the practitioner massages your entire body with oiled stones in their hands.

Swedish Massage
60 minutes – 80
90 minutes – 115
This is the most popular style of European massage! It alleviates stress, increases circulation and strengthens immunity, and incorporates long massage strokes with moisturizing oils. This full-body massage is a great first-time introductory session to massage’s health benefits.

Deep Tissue Massage
60 minutes – 90
90 minutes – 130
This massage focuses on specific areas in the body that have chronically tight areas. Applied neuromuscular, cross-fiber friction and myofascial release techniques make this treatment a necessary rehabilitative and preventative measure for anyone who uses their muscles repetitively while driving, on the computer or in athletics.

Upper or Lower Massage
30 minutes – 55
This massage focuses on a specific area. It’s ideal for a good introduction to massage for first-timers.

Pregnancy Massage
60 minutes – 85
Just what the new mother-to-be needs – a calm, soothing session for the mother-to-be that’s also beneficial to the baby. A prenatal micro-emulsified cream is applied to prevent stretch marks.

Please note that our pregnancy massage cannot be given in the first Trimester.

Post-Partum Massage – 85
New moms definitely deserve a bit of pampering! This massage promotes recovery from a C-section and contributes to postural recovery.

  • Couples Massage – 170
    Reconnect with your loved one and spend some time together relaxing. 1 hour Swedish massage.